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Perfect for the Party Table 
Rent this Cake Pops Machine.  You will find this machine makes it super easy to get a perfect round shape.  They are fun to decorate, simple and also tasty.  Decorating ideas include: rolling your cake pops in icing , melted chocolate, hundreds and thousands, crushed nuts or cinnamon sugar.

Three simple Steps:
* Scoop the prepared cake mix into the 12 Pop Molds
* Bake using the machine until golden brown in less than 10 minutes
* Pop onto the Pop sticks and make your own personal creation using any number of fun ingredients.
Comes with Instruction & Recipe Book, 12 x Sticks, Stand, Machine all in a Carry Box

Hire the Cake Pops Machine for $10 per weekend (Friday – Monday)

Additional Pop Sticks available 12 for $5